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Service Purposes

The Service Aims, Vision, Objectives, and Functions of the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University

1.The Service Aims:

Patients are our primary concern. We focus on sincere services and put quality at the first place. We uphold the notion of “starting our undertaking with painstaking efforts, with united struggle, to achieve leapfrog development, and strive for the best one”. We are making wholehearted devotion to our undertaking and to the task of offering medical services, medical education and research as an affiliated hospital. And we hope to make more contribution to our country’s medical and health cause.

2. Our vision:

Strive to become the model in healthcare industry and construct a high-level Class III Grade I comprehensive hospital and a high-level affiliated hospital of university

We will make innovation in management, deepen our reform, set strict regulation, improve operation specification, and put more emphasis on elevating the level of medical technology and strengthen the construction of medical ethics; Through the top-level management, top-level technology, top-level equipment, top-level service, top-level environment and top-level academic ability, we will improve the healthcare quality in a comprehensive way and provide a better healthcare environment for our patients, and so as to gain a good social reputation. We will combine the wisdom and the efforts of our staff to build our hospital into a high-level Class III Grade I comprehensive hospital and a high-level affiliated hospital of university, which enjoys international influence and a good reputation in Jiangsu province with the characteristic of comprehensive subjects, outstanding quality, refined medical treatment, high-level equipments, noble medical ethics, scientific management and harmonious environment, thus gain trust from our patients.

3. Development Objectives:

(1) Medical treatment: To strengthen the hospital regulation, to improve the quality of treatment, to optimize the healthcare environment, to set up personalized high-quality healthcare service.

(2) Medical education: To keep improving the clinic teaching and foster talents of clinical medicine.

(3) Academic Research: To make full use of the resources of Jiangsu University, to strengthen the cooperation with other hospitals, to keep making improvement in medical research, to strive to set up national and provincial clinical experiment center.

4. Functions:

(1) Medical service:

1)We provide overall medical services of medicine, emergency treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.

2)We offer service to critical illness or intractable diseases in Zhenjiang or nearby areas. We are able to offer refined specialist service on the basis of high-quality comprehensive service.

3)We enjoy enough medical service radiation ability. The number of discharged patients from other provinces and other cities has been increasing every year.

4)According to relevant national policy, we participate in the Emergency medical network of Zhenjiang. Under the guidance of health administrative department, we make emergency responses to the 120 Emergency Center of Zhenjiang.

5)We undertake the emergency rescue task of public health incidents and disasters.

(2) Medical education and academic research:

1)We offer opportunities for medical school students to conduct clinical experiments and internship. We undertake the task to cultivate the post-graduates from Jiangsu University and foster medical intellects with high-quality.

2)We provide advanced study opportunities to members of medical groups and technology key member from class II hospital.

3)We actively apply for national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects.

4)We introduce and develop new technology and new program vigorously.

(3) Technical Guidelines

We have set up the relationship of guidance and cooperation with subordinate medical institutions and help them to develop new technology and new programs, and to solve difficult issues. We also cultivate intellectuals in health technology and management, and fulfill the counterpart support and two-way referral.

(4) Healthcare and Prevention

1)We carry out healthcare education and activities regularly.

2)We undertake the task of health prevention assigned by health administrative department.

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